Robin's   Nest   Bed~n~Breakfast


~ Love outdoor concerts but can't seem to align your schedule with the tours?

~ The next best thing to a live concert is seeing a concert on a 120 inch screen, wrapped in digital surround sound.

~ With the stars overhead and a typically mild evening breeze, you'll feel like you're actually there.

~ You bring your own snacks & beverages and are just 30 feet away from our outdoor cooking center.

~ Seating is always V.I.P and you don't have to use portable toilets or drive home.

~ View from our selection of over 100 Live Concerts as well as Movies and Musicals (listed below) or bring your own DVD to watch.

~ So round up some friends, your favorite beverage, something to Barbecue and book a Weekend-plus-Concert stay at the Nest.

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movie screen1 movie screen2 movie screen3 movie screen4

- System projects up to 12 ft wide with no loss in resolution

- 120 inch projection screen

- DTS audio: 5 channel digital/optical surround sound makes you feel like you're at a live concert